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Dear Traveler & Prospective Client


“Thank you for contacting Garzmax. As always we are excited to meet new friends and travelers.” – Kenny G.


Garzmax’s goal is to provide you with pristine customer service, outstanding value and confidence in a hassle free vacation experience. Garzmax is dedicated to delivering you a vacation experience of a lifetime! Because of our industry relationships and training from top travel suppliers, I know exactly where to go to find the most updated prices, newest products and special guest promotions. As your personal Travel Agent, I will devote sincere time and effort into making sure you're fully satisfied with your travel options and that your style and unique interests are considered when planning your vacation package; delivering to you the greatest value for your budget. Understanding that travel is a fiercely competitive industry; no matter what pricing we offer you, there will always be someone willing to undercut it. So, if pricing is your only consideration for this trip, we may not be a good fit for you. We utilize our expert guidance to make sure you receive the best value and get the most for your money. Your satisfaction is our success. If you find the equivalent vacation package Online for less, tell us… as we can often price match or better!


Remember Garzmax works for you: not the supplier. I am here to help you with every detail of the process and act as your advocate should you have a problem during your trip. If you need any assistance, we're just a telephone call or e-mail away; so you will receive the immediate attention you want, need and deserve. We will provide you with the personal service that the automated online, bulk travel sites cannot offer...we answer our own phones, respect your personal preferences, understand your needs, and usually even recognize your voice! We are here for you.


What we do ask of you is that you have the same level of commitment to us that we have to you. We know how valuable your time is- as ours is valuable too. Saving time is just one of the many reasons you have chosen to consult a professional travel agent to assist you with your travel plans. In an effort to provide valuable service to our qualified clients, we may occasionally require a nominal “Plan To Go Retainer“, for select travel programs like groups, weddings, land tours, and complex itineraries: payable before we provide details of vacation package we have researched and completed based on your request. If applicable, you will be provided with a full fee disclosure for review. Please feel welcome to ask questions in regards to our policy. 



Prior to making a Deposit or Full Payment on travel packages, it is important to understand travel supplier standards of pricing.


Prices quoted are valid on date quoted, and subject to change until secured by Deposit Payment; after which the base package price is fixed, but final costs are subject to fluctuations from government imposed fee changes. The travel products being purchased may be subject to additional surcharges, and fees imposed by individual suppliers or government entities after the purchase date. Client understands and agrees to accept fee changes. These post-purchase amounts may be for reasons varying from currency exchange fluctuations, fuel surcharges, changes to foreign port charges and new travel taxes. Any changes in fees will be immediately conveyed to clients, include detailed reason of change, and options to handle payment.


Thank you for considering us for your vacation planning. We look forward to working with you and building a sincere relationship based on forthrightness, mutual respect and communication. This agreement does not obligate you to work with Conger Cruise and Travel, but is required prior to receiving a written quote for travel.




I hereby acknowledge receipt and understand what is presented to me in the above “Client Service Disclosure & Additional Fees Policy”. I also understand this is a disclosure of business practices and expectations and I agree to accept the above.


To electronically accept this document: copy and paste the entire Disclosure & Policy into a Reply Email and send to or you may print, sign and Fax to: (718)732-2155.

Please call if you have any questions.


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