Registration Desk
Registration Desk

The forms below are required please download them fill them in and fax to Garzmax at: 800-399-5256
Mail to: Garzmax,
attn: Kenny G.
51 Idlease Pl,
Staten Island, NY 10306

Office: 917-338-0405

As a professional Travel Agent I am responsible to inform you of certain laws and and procedures.  With that said, the forms below are up to you to fill-in they are required forms, however, you have the right not to fill them out.

agm talent productions presents:
Tampa, FLA. / Western Caribbean
 Model and Talent Network
September 10 - 15, 2018
All Cabins are priced at double occupancy
Interior cabins start at: $299.00*  per person double occupancy
Ocean View Cabins Start at: $369.00* per person double occupancy
Suites are quoted at time of booking
3rd & 4th person sharing same cabin will be quoted at time of booking.
Cabins are limited and are booked on a first come, first served basis. Pricing is subject to change. All rates are based on a minimum of two (2) people per cabin.  Cabin will be booked only if full deposit is made for double occupancy. In other words, if there is going to be two people paying for the cabin then both parties must be present at time of berthing cabin so Garzmax may collect the deposit from each person for the cabin.
The deposit at this time is $150.00 per person and again, must be double occupancy at time of berthing. So you will need to be prepared to pay $300.00 total for your cabin's deposit. A single cabin rate is 200% of the double rate. so in other words, if you are going to be alone in a cabin you will need to pay the whole $200.00 deposit and your cost of the cabin will also go up 200% for more detailed information and price please contact Kenny at Garzmax 347.927.4302 you may need to leave a voicemail as I am the only one in the office and may be helping another client.
your cabin deposit is due at the time you call for us to book your cabin and your final payment is due June 10th 2018. 
*Taxes and port charges are additional and are approximately $93.40 per person however, this can change at the cruise-line's discretion until you have paid your cabin in full.  All taxes are subject to increase without notice.

Gratuities are additional and will be charged to your cabin at time of booking or boarding whichever you choose. At this time the Gratuites are $64.75 per person.
Travel Insurance is HIGHLY recommended

Booking for the agm talent productions Convention/Event 



Any one that books directly with the cruise line or any other travel consultant or agent other than Garzmax Travel (Kenny) will not be allowed to participate in the agm talent productions group event on any level... You will not have access to any functions. Remember you must book via Garzmax Travel. 


Preregister for the agm talent productions convention on the Carnival Paradise, September 10, 2018. Please click the registration desk located to your left. When filling this form out list everyone that will be sharing the cabin with you.  You will be able to register two people at a time on each form.

Please remember that ALL CABINS MUST BE DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. What does this mean? Simple, each cabin must have at the least two people going into a cabin at time of booking. If you are looking to book a cabin with only one person in it then your rate will reflect that.  In most cases the rate for a single cabin is double what the prevailing rate is for double occupancy.   

Once we receive your information and process it we will send a docusign form to collect payment for your cabin's deposit. If there are going to be two different people sharing the cabin and paying separately then please be sure the second person is ready to pay their portion of the cabin deposit or we cannot berth a cabin for you without payment of the deposit by each person sharing your cabin or payment in full.  
Information & Forms